Program Details

What's The HootClub?

HootClub is our Loyalty Program. It gives you opportunities to get exclusive offers, earn rewards for your loyalty, and gets you into drawings for some awesome prizes. It also keeps you updated on upcoming Hooters events. And best of all, it fits in your pocket with our HootClub App!

Do I have to keep track of my points or redeem any coupons?

Don’t worry, we’ve kept this pretty simple. You just scan your receipt or enter the receipt code into the App, and HootClub does the rest. We can even send you push notifications to let you know when you’ve earned a new reward or have been entered into an upcoming sweepstakes. To redeem your rewards, just show your Hooters Girl the code on your phone. Easy peasy.

Do I need to keep a record of my purchases?

To get credit for your purchase, you just need to enter the code or scan the receipt into the HootClub App. If you want to hold onto those receipts for your scrapbook or frame them to hang in your garage, we completely understand. But it is not required.

I go to lots of different Hooters stores. How do I know which Hooters Restaurants Participate in the program?

HootClub is growing fast. We currently have over half of our stores participating in the HootClub program. The best way to find out if your store's on the list is to ask a Hooters Girl! Or, you can download the App and double check any location.

Can I get out of the HootClub?

If you’re OK with making a Hooters Girl cry, you can always go into the HootClub App’s settings and delete your account. Seriously, though, you shouldn’t. You’ll lose all the points you’ve racked up!

My Rewards

All this talk of rewards, what do I actually get?

The more you come to Hooters, the more points you earn. The points earn you rewards. And the rewards are based on your purchases. We learn what you like, and every now and then, we give it to you free. Your loyalty also earns you entry into sweepstakes and drawings for awesome prizes throughout the year.

What are my chances of winning a HootClub sweepstakes?

Short answer is, it depends. It depends on how many entries you earn! Every time you spend $20, you earn entries into the drawing based on your HootClub status level. Want more entries for your buck? Visit more often to up your status from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Orange to earn more entries per $20 visit.

How do I boost my HootClub status?

Bumping up your Hootclub status is easy. Everyone starts out at the Bronze level, but the more you visit, the higher up the ladder you climb, first to Silver, then Gold and, ultimately, Orange. Silvers members get 2 entries per $20, Gold gets 3 entries and Orange members get 4 entries per $20. Remember, whoever has the most sweepstakes entries has the best chance of winning, so quest for Orange!

Can I choose which sweepstakes my entries apply to?

Your entries are automatically entered into the current sweepstakes. Fear not, the prizes are always awesome and, because you're in the HootClub, you'll know what's up for grabs way in advance.

How do I know what rewards I have earned?

Keeping tabs on your rewards and offers is both easy and automatic. You can turn on the App's push notifications and we'll remind you directly, or you can monitor your earnings from the HootClub App.

How long are my rewards good for?

Check your HootClub status often. Rewards are valid for 30 days after you get them.

How long are offers good for?

Offers are valid up until the posted expiration date. These vary by offer.

What is the difference between a reward and an offer?

A reward is just for you. Offers are sent out to you and other HootClub members that share your tastes.

How often do I get rewards & chances to win awesome prizes?

Great question. Here's the answer: It depends. For the most part, your rewards are based on your HootClub status and how much you come in. But every once in a while, just for fun, we'll be peppering in some perks that are sure to keep you satisfied!

What's up with the HootClub Leaderboard? Why should I care?

Like a rare baseball card, the Leaderboard immortalizes the glory of our Top Ten Points Earners and gives you someone to look up to, something to strive for. As for that second part, why should anyone care about competition? No no, you're right. We're cancelling sports. And fun.

Registration Details

Can I be in the HootClub if I don't have an email address?

Unfortunately, membership HootClub requires a unique email address to enjoy the full range of program benefits, such as the HootClub Sweepstakes & special events invitations. Also, it being the 21st century and all, we suggest getting an email address.

Why can't I register with an email address I share with someone who's already registered?

All your HootClub rewards are based on your specific purchases. Without a unique email, we can't personalize the HootClub to you!

I want to be entered in the the sweepstakes but don't want to join the HootClub.

You don't have to join the HootClub and there is no purchase necessary for entering the Sweepstakes, but it's so much cooler if you do. Seriously, wouldn't it be more fun to be part of the club? We're just giving you grief. For details on how to enter the Sweepstakes without joining HootClub, see our Official Rules.

My Information

Is my information really private?

You betcha. Your privacy is as important to us as your loyalty. Check out the Privacy Policy for the full rundown.

How do I edit my info?

The HootClub App's settings allow you to update your address, email or other details of your account.

Communication Details

Will I receive lots of mail from you?

You’re busy, we’re busy, why bother with all the inbox-clogging nonsense? The HootClub Settings allow you to choose how often you get reminder emails, but keep in mind, our goal is to keep you up to date on offers and make sure you don’t miss out on your well-earned rewards. The longer you stick around, the more specific our emails will become. It’s not spam, because it’s all relevant to you! And, of course, you can always opt out of the reminder emails.

Why haven't I received any emails from you?

Sometimes our emails accidentally get dropped off in your junk box. Depending on your email provider, we may have to be added to your safe sender list. If that doesn’t do it, double check your HootClub Settings to make sure your email address is correct and that you have opted into the email program.

Who can I contact if I have questions about HootCamp?

Having trouble with the HootClub? Got some questions about your account? Need some relationship advice? Just feeling lonely and want someone to talk to? Shoot us an email to hootclubsupport@hooters.com. We're here for you.

Pageant Voting

Why should I vote for Miss Hooters Social 2014?

The winner of Miss Hooters Social will automatically compete with the Top 10 in Vegas. Don't you want your favorite Hooters Pageant Contestant to reach the finals?

When does voting end?

We’re tallying votes up until the last minute. Voting expires the day of the pageant, Wednesday, July 23rd.

How often can I vote?

If you’re a HootClub member, you can vote three times per day. Twice through http://pageant.hooters.com using both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then you can vote a third time through the HootClub App.

If you’re not a HootClub member, you can vote twice per day through http://pageant.hooters.com using both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

When is the 2014 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant?

The competition heats up on Wednesday, July 23rd. Mark that down in your Hooters Calendar.

How do I vote on Pageant.Hooters.com?

Contestants are sorted by region. Use the dropdown menu to find your favorite girl’s region. Or if you want to suffer through pics of all the contestants, you can scroll from the main page.

Once you click the contestant’s image, choose to vote using Facebook or Twitter.

You will be prompted to login to your selected social profile.

After filling in some personal info, you’ll be able to submit your vote and share it via your selected social channel

How do I vote using the HootClub App?

Click the “Vote for Miss Hooters Social” Banner on the HootClub Homepage.

Contestants are sorted by region. Use the dropdown menu to find your favorite girl’s region. Or if you want to suffer through pics of all the contestants, you can scroll from the main page.

Click your favorite contestant’s image and choose to vote using Facebook or Twitter.

After filling in some personal info, you’ll be able to submit your vote and share it via your selected social channel.

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